“…this collective is cutting their own groove, shaking the walls, and earning their place among the torchbearers of soul, funk, and r&b.” — Clarisse LaGrone, Manager of BayCoin Beats

With soulful grooves and impeccable musicianship, BayCoin Beats brings the vibrant spirit of the Bay Area everywhere they go. Crowds can’t help but to get loose to the energetic and original fusions of their favorite genres.

This collective builds on the success of each individual musician, including that of BayCoin Beats musical director, drummer, Jae Jackson, who started the project with band manager, Clarisse LaGrone, in San Francisco, 2017.

We sought to create an impeccable collective of rotating musicians, rather than a band with set members. We loved the option of crafting unique experiences and sounds, for different audiences.” — Jae Jackson, Drummer, MD

The group quickly established itself as a popular gigging ensemble and began playing many weddings and festivals, while performing with a huge cornucopia of top R&B and jazz artists, from San Francisco to LA.

They are currently working on their first EP featuring some of the talented members of this collective. Finding inspiration with the creative processes in the music of Robert Glasper, Masego, Erykah Badu, Thundercat, and many more!

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