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Antioch CA Mayor welcomes Baycoin Beats by attending their first live music event as official residents

This is a great story about the San Francisco-based collective, Baycoin Beats, receiving local support and finding success after settling in Antioch, CA; starting off with a live music show this past weekend at Tailgaters Antioch, on July 9th 2022.

ANTIOCH, Calif. – July 12, 2022, Baycoin Beats were pleasantly surprised when the Mayor of Antioch, CA., Lamar Thorpe, attended their first public performance in the city as residents. The free event was held at Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill, which now books entertainment on Saturday nights. The mayor was so impressed that he decided to stay for the entire performance. Robyn Jackson, one of the band members and lead vocalists, even dedicated a song to him before the end of the night, which he loved.

"Baycoin Beats brought in an unusually thick crowd for a Saturday night, at our Antioch location."

Tailgaters Staff Member

Baycoin Beats management is big on PR, digital marketing, and having a strong social media presence. The forming members Jae Jackson and Clarisse LaGrone also have supportive family and friends living in Antioch, and a local following from hosting their underground supper club pop-ups in Antioch called SupperJam.

"I’m so glad we came out of the house tonight, we've randomly discovered the perfect entertainment for our 2022 summer wedding,”

— Young Antioch couple.

Many business owners also came out to dance and enjoy good food, at this local favorite restaurant, including The Walk In Closet Clothing Boutique owner NaKiesha Woods, seen dancing in a crowd of cheering guests. Just like how the business owners came out to enjoy some live R&B music, the Antioch community also came out to show their support with groups of up to 10 guests at a table.

“Baycoin has been gaining popularity in the Antioch area. The band's unique style of covering music has resonated with many residents,”

— Operating Manager, Clarisse LaGrone

Baycoin Beats, acknowledged the Mayor's attendance to the performance was a great example of his commitment to supporting the arts in Antioch. The city is lucky to have such a passionate and supportive leader, and Baycoin Beats is honored to be a new addition to the Antioch community.

If you missed them in July 2022, they'll be performing R&B and top 40 covers by your favorite artist again, at the Antioch Tailgaters Sports Bar, on September 24th. Baycoin Beats is known for their high-energy live shows, performing the best live music in the Bay Area, and their ability to get crowds moving. The band is looking forward to being a part of more events in Antioch and making sure our calendar features community events. They also have an email list for personal invites and updates.

Jae Jacksons' collective of professional musicians gets booked for private parties, weddings, and shows with Indie Artists. Baycoin Beats has residencies at venues around the Bay Area like the Oakland Continental Club, Blondies Bar SF, Yoshi's Oakland, and Madrone Art Bar SF.

For more information about where the Baycoin Beats Jazz Soul Collective will perform next or learn about live music events in East Contra Costa County, please visit their website at